Based on demand theory and combining with market talent paradox, a set of the best matching CE recruitment method is developed.

Training & Consulting

On the basis of the elastic coefficient of human resources, provide a range of HR related consulting and training solutions, at the same time, according to the requirements of the recruitment demand conversion rate, complete the relevant vocational skills training and support for in-house training

Management Service Outsourcing

Professional resources integration team, to help enterprises or individuals achieve the multiple requirements of precision marketing and cross-boundary marketing, let products and services go into the thousands of households, and change people's lives。

About us

Link-U is a comprehensive human resource provider of consulting, MSP and recruitment services. It is committed to offering the most cutting-edge and professional services for clients. 翎,The birds wings and the long, hard feathers of its tail were very colorful. It means the order of the product and the person of merit. 仕,In a career, work is the root of everything. To be a student, to be a willing. 优,Compared with the mean, stand out and shine. Advantages As for MSP, we have the following advantages: 
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